With an ever-expanding selection of new eateries opening in a wide variety of Chicago districts, the Windy City is quickly becoming one of the world’s most renowned and diverse cities for its dining scene. The result is a veritable melting pot in terms of food, with an extensive variety of eating styles and cuisines to pique the interest of anybody with an appetite.

The city of Chicago in particular is a paradise for Italian cuisine, and we’re not just talking about the city’s famous deep-dish pizza. There are so many other Italian restaurants to explore in Chicago. So, here’s a list of some of the best Italian restaurants in Chicago that need to try for mouth-watering Italian dishes.

1. Ciccio Mio

If you’ve ever eaten at Bavette’s or Gilt, you already know that they appreciate and respect pasta the way it should be honored and respected. Ciccio Mio, an Italian restaurant in River North, is owned and operated by the same people, and the quaint setting appears like it might be a room in the house from the mystery game Clue. Everything on the menu, from the lasagna with bolognese to the crispy chicken parmesan, is mouthwateringly excellent.

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2. Monteverde

There is just one reason why Montverde is on our list of best Italian restaurants in Chicago. You will find some of the most mouthwatering dishes of food that you will ever consume, making this restaurant an excellent choice. You may come here on a date, you can come here with a company, or you can come here by yourself and order every pasta that is listed on the menu.

3. Segnatore

Because each meal at this unpretentious Italian eatery in Humboldt Park has some type of original take on a classic dish like spaghetti or chicken parmesan, it sticks out among the other options for Italian cuisine in Chicago. The deconstructed lasagna consists of a mound of homemade garlic mafaldine, whipped ricotta, and a mushroom bolognese that is superior to any meat version and would win a steel cage death match against it.

The restaurant exudes the laid-back atmosphere of a European café, and it is filled with individuals who seem to be pretending to be on vacation. There are couples on dates, small groups of people catching up with one another, and others sitting at the bar sipping wine and eating oysters.

4. Enoteca Roma

You may not be aware that Enoteca Roma, a little restaurant tucked away in Wicker Park, delivers some of the best pasta and bruschetta in all of Italy. Begin by ordering a Bruschetta Flight, which costs $12 and includes five different kinds of bruschetta, as well as a Polenta Board for the table.

After that, round things off with the Penne Arrabiata or one of the other handcrafted specialties. And during summers, this residence transforms into a room that gives the illusion of being much larger than it is since it has a sizable backyard patio that is hidden from view.

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5. La Storia

La Storia is relatively young in comparison to other Italian restaurants in Chicago; it first opened its doors in 2015. A mural depicting Chicago during the time of Prohibition is painted on one of the walls, but the most essential aspect of this establishment is that it serves wonderful meals.

All of the portions of pasta are prepared in-house, and the entrees, like the chicken Milanese, are delicious. And whereas most spots on the Gold Coast may be either very upscale or very laid back, this location strikes the perfect balance between the two extremes.