In addition to necklaces, bracelets, earrings, skincare products, and summer cosmetic basics, sunglasses for women score pretty high on the wishlist of every female audience. Sunglasses are an absolute need, particularly if you are required to spend most of your time outside in the sunlight.

The rise in damaging UVA and UVB radiation striking the planet and affecting the health of millions of people is a direct effect of the increase in ozone depletion, pollution, and global warming. Therefore, in addition to the care you provide for your skin, you need also pay attention to the health of your eyes.

Going forward in this article, we will some of the best sunglasses for women that you should own!

1. Ray-Ban RB3668

If you are seeking a quality pair of daily sunglasses with a touch of distinctive flair, these Ray-Bans are an excellent choice for you to consider. Because they contain light blue photochromic lenses that darken when exposed to sunlight, they are ideal for wearing while driving and on days when the sky is cloudy.

They can be dressed up with a cocktail dress just as quickly as thrown on with jeans and a T-shirt, thanks to the gold frames, which make it possible for them to be styled in any manner.

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2. Goodr Polarized Running Sunglasses

Goodr may be the best sunglasses for running. They are lightweight, polarised, long-lasting, and affordable, so you won’t have to worry about breaking the bank to get a pair.

You won’t have to worry about them falling off even if you start to sweat, and since they are available in such a wide variety of designs and hues, you’ll be able to choose a pair that goes with any running suit.

3. Oakley Sunglasses Model Reedmace Prizm

These Oakleys achieve the ideal blend between being athletic and seeming like you’re just hanging out. The look is timeless, and you can use them as your go-to pair of daily shades. On the other hand, they are built to be long-lasting and can withstand the test of time while you’re out in the weather. In addition, the lenses are meant to amplify colors and bring out more of the world’s natural brightness.

4. Ray-Ban Round Double Bridge & Legend Gold Finish

These sunglasses, which come in various cool colors and are made by Ray-Ban, are a terrific way to spruce up any outfit. They have a slightly retro look, and they are available in some bright hues like green and pink. Additionally, they are lightweight, and with bigger lenses, they are designed to accommodate faces that are either smaller or medium-sized faces.

5. Tifosi Rail B/W Interchange

You should wear a good pair of sunglasses when cycling to protect your eyes from the sun, the wind, and anything else that could blow in your direction. This set of goggles from Tifosi functions almost exactly like a windscreen for your face.

They come with various lens choices, such as clear, medium tint, and dark tint, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs depending on how bright the sun is. In addition, they wrap over the sides of your eyes, which helps to block the light from entering your peripheral vision.

6. Warby Parker Raider Sunglasses

If your eyesight isn’t as good as it might be and you don’t use contacts frequently, investing in a good pair of prescription sunglasses may be a game-changer for you. Five distinct color combinations are available for both the lenses and frames of these classic aviator sunglasses.

You may also acquire them with lenses that don’t need a prescription if you enjoy the look but don’t need prescription eyewear like glasses or contacts.

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7. Dushine

Are your sunglasses prone to going missing? This set of two won’t put a significant dent in your finances, but they are adorable to the point that you will want to wear them often.

There are ten single pairs and six distinct two-pack choices available, with colors ranging from basic neutrals like black and brown to exciting colors and patterns like clear and leopard print. The two packs come in various colors and patterns, including clear and leopard print. In addition to this, they provide complete protection against UVA rays by being polarised.