Brunch is the answer to all of your issues, whether you’re wanting to cure a hangover of the night before, you need an immediate mood boost, or you’re looking for a Sunday Funday activity that you can do with a group. Fortunately, Chicago is home to a plethora of genuinely delicious breakfast options, and we have gathered a list of the very best of the lot.

Aside from the breathtaking lakefront, the world-famous architecture, and the campus of world-class museums, brunch may be one of the most treasured activities in Chicago. So, let us jump straight into the list of some of the best brunch places in Chicago.

1. Segnatore

When it very recently took over the site formerly occupied on California Avenue by the much-loved establishment in the business community, Cafe Marie Jean, which had to, unfortunately, close its doors, it stepped into some rather large shoes. Thankfully, the group seems to have some big feet, as indicated by a decent selection of Italian food complemented with variations on some of the dishes.

Brunch at this restaurant consists of dishes such as Gnocchi Sardo with soft pig ragu, Hash Browns Deluxe strewn with foie gras and truffle crème Fraiche, and Bread Pudding doused in a bittersweet amaro. If you want to become “spritz-faced,” you should listen to what they have to say and order one or two fizzy drinks from the tempting cocktail menu.

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2. Apolonia

This Mediterranean stunner, which was created by the same crew that was responsible for Pilsen’s highly famous S.K.Y., has spent no time in establishing itself as the premier provider of brunch in the South Loop. T

The kitchen’s global influences are showcased through a breakfast menu that is succinct yet refined, with highlights including Wood Fired Brussels Sprouts with piquillo agridulce, housemade Bucatini Carbonara, Steak and Eggs in Purgatory with fiery Calabrian chili, and Florentine Deviled Eggs leading the charge. Make sure you save space for the Banana Budino Cake, which Sparrow Coffee offers with its distinctive espresso beverages.

3. M Henry

M Henry is a historic Chicago institution and one of the best brunch places in Chicago. It is a leader among restaurants since it is committed to providing largely organic and meat-free choices. If bacon is a crucial component of your ideal brunch spread, you may want to look elsewhere than M. Henry.

However, if you are searching for a location that can cater to a wide variety of preferences and inclinations, you really can’t go wrong with M Henry. The café is open only during the day and serves food that is modern American in style and draws inspiration from across the world. It uses only the freshest naturally produced foods from the surrounding area.

The all-day breakfast menu at M. Henry’s features both traditional breakfast options such as fried egg sandwiches and stacks of hotcakes as well as veggie and vegan options such as the veritable vegan epiphany, which is an organic tofu scramble with tempeh strips and sliced avocado. Other options on the menu include stacks of hotcakes and fried egg sandwiches.

4. Superkhana International

This Logan Square restaurant that defies categorization is once again open for indoor eating, and it has expanded its culinary skills to include a fully laden brunch with an Indian flair every Saturday and Sunday from 9 am to 3 pm.

You may give your taste buds a boost with anything from light as a feather Fruit Salad with mint syrup and candied pistachios to a heartier meal such as the Breakfast Dosa Hash or an Achari Pulled Pork Sandwich that is drenched in tamarind chutney.

Throw in some Chaat Masala Potato Chips just for good measure, and be sure to take advantage of the extensive alcohol selection. This will ensure that you have a fantastic time no matter what ends up piquing your interest.

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5. Tzuco

When one of Chicago’s most well-regarded restaurants decides to start serving brunch, you can be sure that any wager you make will turn out just fine. Belgian waffles served with duck leg carnitas, sweet potato puree, and poached egg are just two examples of the savory and sweet entrées that are available at this restaurant, which is owned and operated by chef Carlos Gaytán.

Other options include orange-scented French toast served with Mexican chocolate cream and berries. You may go for something hotter like a michelada that is served in a glass rimmed with Tajin and comes with an optional chaser of Fernet-Vallet, or you can share a pitcher of sangria that is created with brandy, hibiscus, and mint with your guests. After you’ve finished your dinner, you may finish it off with horchata tres leches or blueberry pie.