Bamboo sheets are extraordinarily soft and eco-friendly and they also naturally wick away moisture, are breathable and can regulate the temperature in a way that no other material can.

As we advance in this article, we will mention some of the benefits provided by bamboo sheets and we will list down some of the best bamboo sheets available in the Indian market!

Benefits Of Bamboo Sheets

1. Natural

In contrast to wholly synthetic sheets, which may be created from materials like polyester, bamboo sheets originate from a source that is organically self-renewing. However, given all of how they are altered during the processing, it is fairly deceptive to refer to them as natural.

It’s possible that the antibacterial properties of bamboo, for example, won’t survive the manufacturing process, although bamboo by itself has these properties.

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2. Gentle Texture & Feel

In terms of their appearance and texture, bamboo sheets often have a very smooth, silky, and opulent appearance; they are comparable to high-quality cotton sheets in this regard. Sheets made entirely of bamboo often don’t wrinkle as they dry, although great care must be taken while washing them.

3. Breathable

The fact that bamboo sheets may, depending on the weave, be both lightweight and breathable has made them a favorite among sleep experts, particularly for those individuals who tend to overheat while they are sleeping.
Long Lifespan
The processing of bamboo often results in durable and long-lasting sheets that, if taken care of properly, may keep you warm for many years to come.

Best Bamboo Sheets In The Market

1. Ettitude Signature

As a result of the fact that Ettitude only distributes bamboo home items, the firm places a significant emphasis on the ethical procurement and processing of its raw materials. All of their bamboos originate from sustainable forests that have been FSC-certified, which means that it was cultivated in a manner that did not cause any damage to the native people or animals in the area. Additionally, they have lofty targets for the reduction of carbon emissions and compensate for any emissions that they already produce.

2. Movesgood Bamboo Lyocell Sheet

Movesgood, an apparel and textile company based in Sweden, follows a business strategy known as “slow fashion,” which emphasizes the production of minimalist staple items that are designed to be kept for an extended period of time in a person’s wardrobe or bedroom.

Their 300-thread-count lyocell sheets are incredibly comfortable and made in a manner that is environmentally responsible; in fact, the independent company OEKO-TEX has awarded them with a certification in recognition of their dedication to production methods that are both healthier and less harmful to the environment.

We also like the fact that the firm is open and honest about the working conditions in each of its three factories, including information such as the average number of hours worked each week by workers.

3. HyggeB Signature Bamboo Sheets

HyggeB Bamboo Lyocell Signature Set Based in Singapore, HyggeB is a company that manufactures sheets that people all over the globe like. People have given these bamboo lyocell signature sheets with a sateen weave hundreds of five-star ratings, praising them for their buttery-soft feel and luxury appearance.

The sheets feature a sateen weave. They have earned the OEKO-TEX certification, and the price of a queen set is just $138—a steal for linens of this caliber.

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4. Horimote Home

These sheets are constructed from bamboo viscose rather than lyocell since the manufacturer wanted to keep the price as low as possible. A further reduction in cost is accomplished by combining bamboo with cotton in the production process. However, we do value the fact that the final product is at least OEKO-TEX certified as a safe surface for sleeping on.

5. Nest Bamboo Sheets

The excellent quality of the Nest Bamboo Sheets is offered at a very affordable price point. The dense but airy fabric is a kind of rayon with a natural origin that is derived from the cellulose pulp of bamboo plants. It has a weave with a thread count of 300, which may seem low, but it is really around normal for bamboo and is a decent figure for making sure there is ample ventilation.

These sheets are considerably softer than typical cotton, and they have remarkable moisture-wicking properties and intrinsic breathability, which will keep you at a temperature that is comfortable throughout the night1. The material is also naturally antibacterial, meaning that microorganisms that cause odor won’t be able to settle in, and it is mild on skin that is sensitive.