Sanitizing your tools with a cosmetic brush cleanser is just as important as washing your face before going to bed, yet the majority of us tend to put it off, or even worse, never do it at all. This is even though it is just as important.

We are sorry to be the bearers of bad news, but soiled makeup brushes and sponges are not only a fertile breeding ground for germs but also a sanctuary for dirt and oil, all of which may ultimately lead to blocked pores and acne.

Even though the thought of germs being prevalent on your makeup and equipment makes you shudder, using filthy brushes may also cause unsightly streaks on your cheeks and eyelids. This is especially true if you have sensitive skin. Because of this, using a makeup brush cleaner consistently is truly going to make your life a lot simpler.

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Here is a list of the best makeup brush cleaner that you can use!

1. SigMagic

Because SigMagic is made with just a few all-natural components, it is an excellent choice for those who have very sensitive skin. Notably, it is made with virgin coconut oil, which is an effective antibacterial agent. Additionally, it can enter the bristles of the brush to remove even the most stubborn makeup pigment.

2. Cinema Secrets

You can pretty much count on finding a bottle of Cinema Secrets in the kits of professional makeup artists, particularly during fashion month when they’re working on hundreds of models at once. This is because Cinema Secrets is a multi-tasking product that can be used to create a variety of looks.

The brilliantly blue hue will at first give you the reason for concern since you will start to worry that it may stain the white bristle brushes you have. Instead, it removes difficult waterproof makeup while still leaving behind a subtle vanilla aroma; there is no insight into the multicolored bristles of the brush.

3. MAC

This purifying liquid cleanser from MAC is a time-honored staple in the company’s product line. Each cleaning assures that the bristles will remain sturdy by working to cleanse the brush fibers, which in turn reduces the likelihood that germs will cause blemishes on the skin. It is also meant to condition your brushes and prolong their life, allowing them to remain looking brand new over their many years of use.

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4. IT Cosmetics

The process of cleaning and drying makeup brushes may take a significant amount of time; but, with this quick-dry cleaner from IT Cosmetics, your tried-and-true tools will be ready to apply a new layer of makeup in a matter of minutes. Apply a little misting of this cleanser to make-up brushes, wipe off any excess solution with a towel, and then set the brushes aside to air dry for a couple of minutes.

5. Beauty Blender

It is a no-brainer to use BeautyBlender solid cleanser on your face. It also does an excellent job of cleaning conventional makeup brushes. It has phenomenal sales on both Amazon and Sephora, and a lot of praise from industry professionals, too.

6. NYX

This convenient spray by NYX provides an efficient cleaner that is also available at a reasonable price. It is a cosmetic brush cleaning that does not include abrasives and will not cause damage to your brushes while effectively eliminating microorganisms.

It is harmless to use regularly and will not cause any shedding or breaking, but it is quite effective in removing built-up filth and germs. It is an excellent choice for revitalizing your brushes in the intervals between washings.